Employee Transportation Coordinators

An Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) is a company representative who promotes and supports transportation options within their company.

An ETC can come from any level or department within a company. In some organizations, ETCs work in human resources, facilities or parking management. What is most important is a desire to support balanced transportation, ability to work with other employees and manage the elements of a worksite transportation program.

Boulder Transportation Connections (BTC) is available to help Employee Transportation Coordinators create or improve upon transportation programs at your company.

Quarterly ETC Meetings

BTC host quarterly transportation luncheons to network and spread the word on the latest issues, programs and insights to improve multimodal commuting in Boulder for employers and their employees. These events are are for persons interested in transportation in Boulder, sustainability or transportation enthusiasts, private and government professionals in the community, human resources and facilities managers, and foremost, ETC's representing Boulder businesses. Interested and community members are also welcome to attend. Our meetings are a great opportunity to network, share ideas, and stay up to date on local transportation news.