Business Placemaking Resources

Let's Get Started!

Browse these free resources for placemaking inspiration, and learn step-by step about how to activate your businesses' outdoor space safely in the City of Boulder limits. 

Step-by-Step Restaurant and Retail Placemaking 

Step One 

Come up with an idea to use your streetscape/sidewalk safely for your patrons. Want some ideas? Check out our resource below.

Step Two 

Apply for temporary outdoor expansion of your business through the City of Boulder. It's free, and approval takes three days! 

Step Three 

Share your new project in honor of Porch Placemaking week! BTC will create materials to get patrons to your business that also encourages social distancing. 

Free Promotional Items 

We created these items for you to use to encourage patrons to come to your business to say you are participating in this project, and materials that promote public health and safety measures. Don't see what you are looking for, or want us to create individual items for your business? Let us know!