There are lots of reasons to walk, especially to/from work.

•Most Everyone can do it
•It can be fun
•It is FREE!
•Walking to work provides an opportunity to combine commuting and exercise
•It takes no special gear
•It decreases stress and increases quality of life

Health Benefits of Walking
Regular exercise, such as walking, helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and other chronic diseases; health care costs are lowered when one is physically fit and quality of life is enhanced.

Transportation Benefits of Walking
•Walking is an affordable form of transportation - it's free!
•Many of the trips that Americans make every day are short enough to be accomplished by foot.
•Walking, rather than driving to your destination, reduces traffic congestion. Many streets and highways are forced to carry more traffic than they were designed to handle, resulting in wasted time and energy, driver frustration, pollution and gridlock.

Environmental Benefits of Walking
For every mile a car is driven, a pound of carbon monoxide is produced and released into the atmosphere. Every mile walked is a pound of carbon dioxide saved.

Boulder, Colorado has miles and miles of pedestrian-friendly routes.