Boulder Transportation Connections assists your company with setting up and managing bikes. The PoolBike program is one of our most popular program with currently 20 different companies and 36 bikes.

The bikes can conveniently be used for errands, lunch, off-site meetings during the work day instead of driving. PoolBikes provide all the benefits of biking - personal health and environmental benefits - plus they add to employer’s benefits such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

poolbikeballAn online PoolBike manager allows the program to run smoothly with very little administrative intervention. An employee checks out a bike on-line. It then can be used to calculate miles ridden, gas saved, calories burned and C02 saved. Plus it displays the top rider in each company.

Boulder Transportation Connections has partnered with Community Cycles to service and maintain the PoolBikes on a rotation throughout the year and as needed, including a 48 hour emergency repair service. We also provide bikes made for commuting with features such as an internal hub, chain guard, enders, rack, lights, a shock-absorbing seatpost — even a bell. The savings of vehicle miles traveled (VMT) for each bike is typically around 5,000 miles per year.

Current employers taking advantage of the PoolBike program include: Foothills Community Hospital,  Fresh Produce, Whole Foods, Wall Street on Demand, Ball Aerospace, E Source, The Peloton, and Rocky Mountain Institute.

Boulder Transportation Connections assists companies in promotion of the PoolBike program including incentives.

Interested in joining our PoolBike program? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..