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Boulder Transportation Connections is a membership organization comprised of business, resident and city leaders partnering to enhance travel in and around Boulder, Colorado. Its members are dedicated to shaping policies and programs that improve access Boulder's business and residential centers and, at the same time, reduce traffic congestion.

The goal is to create, support and promote an array of transportation options for commuting by promoting collaboration with public and private sectors to reduce single occupant vehicle travel.

How Boulder Transportation Connections Works With Businesses:

Boulder Transportation Connections provides services to businesses making it easy for employees to discover all of the transportation options available to them. Boulder Transportation Connections will work with your business to:

•Analyze: We help assess your business and employee transportation needs using employee surveys
•Plan: We work with you to create alternative transportation plans and benefits for employees
•Implement: We help with step-by-step programs that ensure benefit to the business and its employees from all the transportation options available
•Inform: We provide information on Boulder's transportation services and help raise employee awareness about transportation options
•Market: We help market transportation options and commuter benefits to employees through brochures, transportation information displays, kick-off events, and promotions. We can also help develop marketing and outreach materials specific to your organization, such as promotional e-mails, web pages, transit displays and more.

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