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Assistance in incorporating alternative transportation into your life or the life of your business is made easy by Boulder Transportation Connections. We are a membership organization comprised of business, resident and city leaders partnering to enhance travel in and around Boulder. Its members are dedicated to shaping policies and programs that improve access to Boulder's business and residential centers and, at the same time, reduce traffic congestion.

We collaborate with the public and private sectors to reduce single occupant vehicle travel. Our goal is to create, support and promote an array of transportation options for commuters.

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Boulder Transportation Connections (BTC) is a non-profit organization assisting the Boulder community to commute smarter, and in partnership with the city’s GO Boulder program, promotes transportation options for businesses in the city.

BTC is working to reduce traffic and improve air quality by decreasing the number of Single Occupant Vehicles along with WaytoGo a program by DRCOG. Find your a better commute with MyWaytoGo.org.